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I am a Clytemnestra fan girl. Clytemnestra is the most formidable character in the literary universe of Ancient Greece. She is determined, powerful, intelligent, and doesn’t care what others think of her. She takes on Agamemnon, the arrogant and deadly violent bad boy who led the Greeks to victory at Troy, and she comes out the winner.

My fascination with Clytemnestra is why I was happy to review the novel Clytemnestra by Costanza Casati for Foreword Reviews. Casati’s debut novel is one of the best books I have ever read. Not only because Clytemnestra is the main character, but because it is really damn good.

When I was given the opportunity to interview Casati, I immediately jumped at the chance. It’s not every day you get to talk about Clytemnestra with someone who admires her the way I do.

To read my interview with Costanza Casati, please click here.

Click here to read my review of Costanza Casati’s novel Clytemnestra, out from Sourcebooks Landmark on March 7.

In the words of my friend, the Australian, I shall return.

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