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My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Creators

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that social media is a double-edged sword. While social media contributes to the spread of misinformation and increases in mental health issues among young people, social media is also a medium for good.

In this week’s post, I will focus on the good that social media does, in particular Instagram. I am a person of text, not images, but I enjoy Instagram because of the many creative people who use the platform.

Please enjoy 5 ( + one bonus) of my favorite Instagram creators in no particular order. I follow many more creative accounts than these, so the process of whittling it down to only five was really hard.

These Instagram accounts bring me so much joy. I hope you will find joy in their work too. Click on the links to see their work. Due to copyright concerns, I am not including any photos or screen caps.

Witchy Friends

I mention Witchy Friends first because I ordered some postcards from them about a month ago. They arrived in a package so adorable I almost didn’t want to open it. Check out their Instagram and Etsy shop for cute cats in witch-themed settings. Perfect for Halloween.

Studio After Cigs

I love Studio After Cigs because of their irreverence and their take-no-prisoners attitude to self-help. The concept is deceptively simple: a black-and-white cat posing with wine bottles, knives, and crocodiles, accompanied by short sayings, my favorite of which is simply, “Take the risk.” Check out their Instagram for original paintings on canvas and limited edition prints.

Purr. In. Ink

More cats. Purr In Ink are ink-dotted drawings of black cats and kittens where the changes in the size of the eyes are used to emphasize the messages that blend positive reinforcement with feline jack-assery. Check out their Instagram for images for purchase and behind-the-scene reels.

A Daily Cloud

A Daily Cloud is an ingenious idea: People send in pictures of clouds, and the creator draws pictures based on the clouds’ outline. We all know that cloud watching is a lot of fun, but this Instagram account takes the cloud-inspired imagination to a whole new level. Check out their Instagram for daily drawings. A Daily Cloud annual calendar is also available.

Woodlanders Online

There is something about the felted animals of Woodlanders Online that makes my heart skip a beat every time there is a new diorama. The animals are small, delicate, vulnerable, and eerily life like. Check out their Instagram for updated dioramas, behind-the-scene reels, and links to purchase these lovely animals.


In keeping with the positivity theme, Buddy Gator Comics deserves an honorary mention. The main character is a chubby gator called Gator (natch!) and his group of animal friends. Buddy Gator Comics’ message is of inclusivity, positivity, equity, and the happiness that comes from being and having good friends. Check them out.

In the words of my friend, the Australian, I shall return.

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