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Interview with Author Artem Mozgovoy for Foreword Reviews

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After reviewing Artem Mozgovoy’s powerful and insightful debut novel Spring in Siberia for Foreword Reviews, I was given the opportunity to interview Mozgovoy as part of the magazine’s Reviewers Interviewing Authors series. This series, to which I now have contributed five times, is a great way of getting to know the authors better and address topics that are important but can’t be covered within the scope of a book review.

I have previously talked about Spring in Siberia here on The Boomerang in the post “The War in Ukraine and The Three Phases of a Post-Soviet Life.”

To read my interview with Artem Mozgovoy, please click here. Afterwards, I recommend that you start following Mozgovoy on social media. His posts and reels on Instagram in particular offer observations as acute and heartfelt as those found in the novel.


In the words of my friend, the Australian, I shall return.

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