Publications in 2014

Book Riot
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Countdown to The Hobbit. Four Songs Inspired by Tolkien (December 9, 2014).
How Reading Stephen King Has Affected Me for Life (November 18, 2014).
Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Vampires (November 4, 2014).
Women Are Trailblazers: Three Biographies (October 18, 2014).
ABC’s Selfie vs. Shaw’s Pygmalion (October 16, 2014).
Nobel Prize Trivia Time! (October 9, 2014).
George Clooney, Harold and Kumar, and The Odyssey (September 26, 2014).
Four Books that Changed How I View the World (September 14, 2014).
Reading Old Cookbooks (For History, Not Recipes) (August 28, 2014).
Happy Birthday, Tove Jansson (August 9, 2014).
How To Choose a Book As a Traveling Companion (July 28, 2014).
My Favorite Animal, the Book Scorpion (July 10, 2014, picked up by Gizmodo).
Is GONE GIRL a Misogynist Novel? (June 18, 2014).
Why the Apocalypse? Patient Zero Gone Missing. (May 22, 2014).
Comic Books Were My Gateway To Reading. (May 19, 2014).